Climate Resilience and Ecosystems

The economic system is built on the natural capital of the earth’s ecosystems. As climate change accelerates, earth’s systems will be subjected to higher temperatures, rising and acidified oceans, disappearing reefs, water shortages, drying rangelands, vanishing and burning forests, and a multitude of associated impacts that will threaten the fundamental stability of the global environment upon which civilization is based. In terms of the biodiversity impacts, species are already experiencing the 6th Extinction crisis of the earth’s history. The quickened pace of change will make the survival of species even more endangered.

The free ecological services that have long been assumed to continue their role in supporting life as we know it are now threatened by climate change. Environmental organizations were among the first institutions to raise the alarm about the prospect of rising greenhouse gases and they played a leadership role at the various Conferences of Parties to urge mitigation, as eventually called for by the Paris Accord. The GCCR will work with environmental organizations, UN agencies, the private sector, foundations, academia, religious and spiritual communities, and governments around the world to save the natural world from the destructive force of climate change. GCCR will help entities who will help meet the conceptual and deployment challenges through climate resilient strategies and policies that can be developed to protect ecosystems to the extent possible.