Finance and Investment

The incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in investment portfolios is one of the fastest growing and promising trends of our times which needs to be strongly encouraged. Trillions of dollars have already flowed to more responsible investments as ESG becomes the norm. At the top of the ESG list is an increasing recognition of the opportunities for massive investments in clean, renewable energy. The IPCC makes clear that mitigation of climate change will require an unprecedented flow of capital into clean energy technologies.

At the same time, the GCCR is hearing from communities, cities, states, and countries who are reeling from the rising costs of disasters associated with climate change. The GCCR believes that it is imperative that ESG investment criteria include climate resilient policies and actions. GCCR believes that responsible investing by all investors must not only seek to reduce the carbon footprint of their investments, but it should also fund those behaviors and actions that increase climate resilience.